‘Murder Most Rural’ by Britain’s only Muslim Thriller writer Charlie Flowers


Charlie Flowers was born in Eastern Europe sometime in the late Sixties and arrived with his family in Britain in 1975. After training as a journalist in London he had a varied career as reporter, roadie, truck driver and record label boss. In the late Nineties he formed two cult bands, and is currently an adviser on terrorism and extremism to certain departments and think tanks. 

Charlie Flowers is published by Endeavour Press, and is a member of the Crime Writers’ Association and International Thriller Writers, Inc. He is the author of the Rizwan Sabir thriller series, recounting the adventures of MOD investigator Riz Sabir and his other half Holly “Bang-Bang” Kirpachi, and their run-ins with Islamist terrorists, far-right extremists, gangsters, serial killers, and much more besides.

The novels in the Riz series are: Hard Kill, Danger Close, Kill Order, Battle Come Down, and Murder Most Rural.

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“Absolutely rocks. Every line reeks with the raw authenticity of a writer who knows first-hand what the hell he’s talking about.” – Tom Cain, bestselling author of the Sam Carver thrillers.

“The most realistic account of undercover ops in the context of Islamist terrorism yet written.” – Mubin Shaikh, counter-terrorism consultant and former covert operative, Canadian Security Services

“Flowers is a Frederick Forsyth for the post-cold war world” – Tony Maggs

“I like Charlie Flowers. His writing is so sharp, so exact. Like slicing celery on a cutting board… as long as Charlie keeps pumping out these Riz stories, I’ll keep reading them.” – Rich Knight, author of The Darkness of the Womb

In Riz Sabir, a former Jihadi now working for the Ministry of Defence, Flowers has created a Bond with the common touch; low on gadgets from Q-Branch, and more of a street-fighting man. Like Commander Bond, Riz is something of a girl-magnet. In the Black-Eyed Maidens, Charlie Flowers has created Bond Girls For Our Times. Imagine the fourth form of St. Trinians, fully-grown and just as quarrelsome, their appetite for heavy weaponry and general mayhem still insatiable, their aim sharper and their outcomes much, much … bloodier.”- Rachel Rider

“As always, author Charlie Flowers does not just weave a stunning tale of hardcore, tech savvy, gun wielding combatants creating a swath of death and destruction as intricate as a crop circle, he hits us with a number of moral dilemmas as the story unfolds.” – Teresa DiMeola, author of Ground Zero

“A non-stop, bang you over the head read, with a provocative plot. I suspect that the author has either done extensive research or has actually lived this.” – Rachael L McIntosh, author of Bubbles Will Pop


Murder Most Rural is the 5th in the Rizwan Sabir series of crime novels – follow on facebook http://www.facebook.com/TheRizwanSabirMysteries

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Extract from Murder Most Rural…

My boss had once described my other half as “Essex Girl, from Mars”. He was mostly right, I’d give him that. Our families were from Mirpur in Pakistan. Our mothers had lived on the same village street back in the old country. And they’d married us off.

Holly ‘Bang-Bang’ Kirpachi was a short, birdlike girl, with raven hair and non-committal hazel eyes. Her arms were adorned with several tattoos, and there was a gaudy golden ring in her nose. Every now and then she’d pop some bubblegum or her face would light up with a cheeky grin. Very little phased Bang-Bang. She was always happily singing to herself. And with good reason.

Bang-Bang was twenty-one. She’d shot her first man when she was fourteen, and she’d probably killed more than forty people in her career as faction leader of the Blackeyes, and then section leader in our Army unit.

I say “probably” because in our line of work, you stopped counting after the first few. All in all, she was a better person to have on your side than against it.

Something else that should be known about Bang-Bang. When it came to things mechanical or electric she was a sorceress. Her hacking skills were at an insane level and had saved my, and the country’s, collective bacon on several occasions. She’d been the star of her school’s science department, and had a bursary lined up at BAe Systems, before she’d just jacked it all in and got into burlesque.

In short, stuff WORKED for her. The downside was that you couldn’t leave her near equipment without her tinkering with it.

Shredded paper fell like confetti. I looked down at her. ‘Continuous improvement, I see?’

‘Always! Got the briefing then?’

I nodded.

‘We going anywhere nice?’

‘Yep. Essex.’

She jumped in the air and clapped her hands. And then stopped. ‘Oh no. Not that place your cousins live.’

I looked at her. ‘Yes that place our cousins live. What’s the problem?’

She looked up at me. ‘You know. I go that far north of the A414, I get a nosebleed.’

I resigned myself to griping and banter. Darkest Essex, here we came.


© Charlie Flowers RIZ 5 MURDER MOST RURAL. Published with permission of the author and can not be reproduced without his permission.

Legion & Logam – Warehouse EP – out 16th Feb on Playaz

1: Legion & Logam – Warehouse
2: Legion & Logam – Blackout (VIP)
3: Legion, Logam & NC-17 – Trippin’
4: Legion & Logam – Red Letter
5: Legion, Logam & NC-17 – Gate

Release date – 16th February 2015

Next up on the New Playaz label is ‘The Warehouse EP’ from Atlanta based DnB duo Legion and Logam whose releases have been smashing it since they first collaborated, making them one of the South East US’s most exciting exports. This EP showcases a variety of styles; with influences ranging from Hip Hop to Techno and Progressive House, but they’ve delivered consistently solid, heavy, impressive tunes.

Title track ‘Warehouse’ is super catchy, a really timeless track that can sneak in anywhere in a set (Legion & Logam played it early in their mix for Mistajam) and Hype debuted ‘Blackout’ back in 2012 before it featured on the Flavours Vol 5 EP: there’s a lot of love out there for this sub heavy tune.

Friction featured ‘Trippin’ in his Best Bangers of 2014 mix (this one features Toronto based artist NCSeventeen also), then ‘Red Letter’ is a huge atmospheric anthem with a strong vocal and finally ‘Gate’ rounds off the EP fast and furious.

Media requests for Legion and Logam or to join the Playaz promo list contact: firgas@raw-material.co.uk

Cardiff based food/drink/music/arts reviewers wanted for CF24 – new eco friendly hangout

cf24 CF24_shops

CF24 is a new venue in the Roath and Cathays area of Cardiff, offering live music, great food, craft beer, pop up shops and a creative hub for local artists.
All the fixtures and fittings at CF24 have been upcycled or recycled, and the menu – which includes ‘build your own burgers’ and diner-style dishes – is all locally sourced food. Even better, on a Friday you have the option to play heads or tails with the waiter and get your meal for free if you win, as part of ‘Free Food Friday!’
Pop up stalls will provide a shopping experience; browse vintage clothes, street art prints, books and more plus there will be frequently changing exhibitions of urban art within the venue, starting with The Litte Big Art Commission (making pop art from Lego – image attached) and forthcoming shows from the likes of OBEY and Teddy Baden.
Live music will be a regular feature at CF24: everything from big name DJs to open mic nights, and entertainment will also include book readings, music industry seminars and big screens showing sporting events.
Drinks include Bear Hug ale on tap – or bring your own bottle of wine – or you could invest in a Red Bull Party Locker containing everything you need for a big night out for a group of friends.

CF24 welcomes reviewers: maybe you’d like to sample the menu, interview the resident artists, check out the bands or just chillax in the venue over a drink, please do get in touch with lily@raw-material.co.uk

Website http://www.cf24project.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CF24Project

High res images on request

Listings on website

Address 8-10 Crwys Road
CF24 4NJ

Come rain or shine, the Stott & Scott floppy’wester is the only hat you’ll need…


”We tugged on the chic Boho-styled accessory and danced in the drizzle’ (Good Housekeeping)

It’s not often we see something new in fashion that makes us smile for all sorts of reasons. The Floppy’wester is making us smile. It’s going to be perfect for festivals next summer, and for keeping the rain off until then. Best of all? It’s British through and through. We Like.’ (Love London)

‘Design Duo Stott & Scott present the Game Changing Hat’ (Viva Magazine)

‘They’re Lush’ (Edith Bowman)

The Stott & Scott floppy’wester is a reversible sun hat and rain hat in one simple and beautiful design. Worn one way around, the beautiful lace fabric creates a super flattering wide brimmed beach hat – perfect for holiday sundowners or garden parties- whilst the waxed cotton reverse provides protection from the rain and a chic alternative to an umbrella.

The AW14 ‘Manchester Collection’ of floppy’westers are available to buy online from http://www.stottandscott.com and include three designs. Design duo Jacqueline and Caroline (Stott and Scott) explain why they chose to name the collection after local suburbs:


The Chorlton – The reason behind naming this line of hats The Chorlton is because Chorlton is one of our favorite places in Manchester and where we both lived for seven years. We love the mix of independent shops (especially the clothes shops) and the bars. We think the Chorlton hat reflects the hippie vibe of its most famous street Beech Road home to our favorite pub the Horse on Jockey which is situated on Chorlton Greeen where locals hang out to enjoy a drink or two?
The Didsbury – The reasons behind the name is we think The Didsbury hat reflects the high end feel to Didsbury Village and the professional residents that call it their home. The hat also gives a definite tip towards it rival center to the west – Burotn Road which has great mix restaurants, independent shops and trendy bars where we have both spent many a great evening.
The Spinningfield – The reason behind this hat’s name is to reflect the fact the design of this hat is something new and not seen in the current market. Spinningfiled in Manchester like the hat is one off the city’s newest large-scale developments and has now become one of Manchester’s best places to be, tucked between Castlefield and Deansgate, the high-end retail area is stuffed with exclusive boutiques.
We think the best part to Spinningfields is the 16th century hop kiln turned pub The Oast House which is lovingly warmed with a teepee on those frosty nights.
Stott & Scott hats are made in Manchester from British materials.

Mees Dierdorp Interview

Mees spoke to Music News after his first UK show at Kachette last week. Read in full here http://www.music-news.com/showreview.asp?H=Mees-Dierdorp&nReviewID=10755

Mees Dierdorp 2

Music News: As your first London show at Kachette, what did you think of the crowd/how did your set go down?
Mees Dierdorp: Everything about my first show was near perfection: The crowd was amazing! At first me and the organization were pretty nervous: It was my first gig in London and I was headlining also, did people really knew to find me and get out of their comfort zone to step into a new world with me? But the people that came to the sold-out show, the smiles and vibes I got when I was playing, the whole production of SOLO, all far beyond imagination. I will remember this night for decades to come for sure: I started off very slow and deep and then built up… but the souls in front of me really took to it so well and had the openness and energy to really explore depths as well as peaks with me, such patience and focus and fun…, truly, amazing.

Music News: How does playing London compare to playing at home in Amsterdam?
Mees Dierdorp: It feels a bit too early to compare I must say… I’ve been playing in Amsterdam for a while and only once in London. What I experienced though is people were very diverse and open minded at my London-gig, I can say this about the people who came to the show in Kachette, but I can’t generalize of course. In Amsterdam I had some amazing experiences with friends and big productions as well: Shoeless, Thuishaven. Pleinvrees, Strafwerk, even the smaller venues and parties can bring a lot of lights and insights. All memorable for sure, but what happened in Kachette was just pure magic…

Mees show at Kachette

Mees show at Kachette