Solo Presents Mees Dierdorp ‘ the poet of music’ at Hoxton Docks 28th November

Dutch producer Mees Dierdorp, billed as the poet of music, is headlining for the first time in London at an exclusive event in East London.

Details: SOLO will host an exclusive ticketed event especially for Mees at Hoxton Docks.  Mees’ music will shower the crowd with his signature sound -

atmospheric high notes, live instruments and influences from jazz and soul

that resonate with tech-house and deep house beats. Mees is intent on taking

audiences with him on a journey of discovery and making them connect with

the music.

Bio: Mees Dierdorp, producer and DJ, hails from Amsterdam. His debut album

Wild Window was met with critical acclaim this past year in Spain, France,

Holland, Germany, USA, UK and beyond.
 During 2014 Mees found himself

playing all over Europe including numerous gigs at DC10’s Circo Loco

With releases on Hot Creations,  Get Physical’s Poesie Musik and Eskimo Recordings you’ll mostly find him in Beatport’s must hear deep house tracks…

Mees Dierdorp has been creating waves beyond physical boundaries from the

moment that he started composing music – and his broad love of the artistic

side of the spectrum shines through in his productions. Experimenting with

poetry, soul, jazz, funk as well as improvisational acoustics and modern

dance sounds – his is a style that resonates from the very first note.


Sephora Venites brings to life to Henrik Ibsens, Mademoiselle Diana.

sephora venites - hedda gabler


Sephora Venites is an brazilian born actress, who was trained at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, a traditional conservatory in the city of Los Angeles,CA. In Brazil, she worked with the acclaimed Iranian writer Nassim Soleimanpour, of ‘White Rabbit, Red Rabbit’ play, among many respected directors like the Argentinian Alejandro Catalán and the actor and writer Márcio Mehiel, to name a few.


Sephora has recently finished on the set of Hedda Gabler, playing the role of Mademoiselle Diana, the red headed seductress of the night, portrayed in International acclaimed Henrik Ibsens masterpiece, Hedda Gabler. Henrik Ibsen was a major 19th-century Norwegian playwright, theatre director, and poet. He is often referred to as “the father of realism” and is one of the founders of Modernism in theatre. The character of Mademoiselle Diana is the love interest of the casino Eljert Lovberg and has never been portrayed on stage or screen, as she was considered too vulgar for a Victorian audeince, and the custom carried on, until the recent film adaptation by Director Matthew John.


Sephora is currently working with director Márcia Leite on the project entitled ‘Cena Londres’, and a tv show about the London music scene.


Projects soon to be released:

-          Brazilian cinematic project in Brazil is a collaboration called  ‘Liquid Love’.

-          Feature film with director Vitor Steinberg, loosely based on the book with the same name, of the Polish sociologist Zygmunt Bauman, to be released in 2015.


As a model, Sephora as been in fashion magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, L’Officiel, Elle, FASHION JAPAN 25ans, and was the cover of books like ‘The Little Black Dress’ and featured various campaigns worldwide for brands like Garnier, Nivea, Storm watches, Levis, among many others. She has also worked as a catwalk model for brands like Cartier, Gucci, Custo Barcelona, G-Star, at On/Off London Fashion Week, model of Betsey Johnson’s clothing during Paris fashion week, and continuous collaborations with the Brazilian fashion designer Douglas Harris, among others.



Quotes from Sephora regarding her protrayal as Mademoiselle Diana:


“This is the first time anyone has ever played Mademoiselle Diana, and I faced a great challenge here, a fantastic opportunity to work with a blank page, as there was never any written dialogues for her, which I believe, the reason was that she was too vulgar to be portrayed on stage at the time, she could break the rules, and this was unaltered since.”


“The role and the context of the script brings up the subject issues of human rights; gender issues and the meaning of feminism on the 21st century, things have changed, and is much easier to be a woman today, but we are far of the ideal of equality?”


“Many people have a preconcieved idea of the character, due to her banishment from the stage. I felt Madame Diana would have been free and outspoken; she would have no fear to speak the truth standing up for what is right, and would not fell ashamed to show her real feelings. Very seductive, yet naive; she could not be a burglar or a scoundrel, nor a villain.”


“She is honest. That honesty, that lack of ability to live within a lie, is what leads her to the impossibility of living her real love story. Madame Diana did not take a marriage as an option to conform and obey to society rules, and for Eilert Løvborg, she was not of the right status to get married. And would she have married? Probably not.”


“Taken as a wild lady of the night, breaking taboos of the era and by being ahead of her time, she is perceived as restless, bold, wild and free spirited, some would consider that freedom a defiance, and by society she is taken as a whore.”


” Ibsen’s later work examined the realities that lay behind many façades, revealing much that was disquieting to many contemporaries. It utilized a critical eye and free inquiry into the conditions of life and issues of morality. This is one of the reasons I loved being part of this project.”


Sephora Venites

Liquid Gold Drinks host pop up Prosecco Bar at Taste of London Winter (20-23 Nov)


Liquid Gold Prosecco will be exhibiting at Taste of London Winter from 20-23rd November 2014 at Tobacco Dock – hosting a pop up bar with live DJ sets from Billionaire Club resident Andrea T Mendoza.

Liquid Gold introduces its bespoke Prosecco in distinctive colourful, metallic finish bottles: combining playful, statement design with exceptional taste.

Created for the global luxury & fashion markets, which accepts nothing but the best, Liquid Gold has a unique look and taste, which ensures it stands out to its competitors. This new brand of prosecco, which is served in a sleek bottle with a bold design, is being introduced in the UK for the luxury market.

In the classic style of the north-eastern Italian sparkling wines, Liquid Gold Prosecco is a Treviso Spumante Brut with an aromatic and fruity bouquet that is dry and elegant on the palate.

It is currently being stocked in luxury restaurants, Zafferano in Belgravia and Novikov in Mayfair, with other exclusive venues in Mayfair and Knightsbridge set to be added shortly.

Liquid Gold Prosecco is available in its core dark green 75cl bottle form but can also be ordered in a range of opulent metallic colours: blue, red, yellow, gold, silver, pink and green.

CEO Marino Roberto, who founded the brand, believes there is great potential for further growth of Prosecco in the UK. Having owned a Michelin star Mayfair restaurant, in addition to owning high-end fashion stores, he has combined his passions in the form of Liquid Gold-

“The Liquid Gold brand was created to help merge the fashion conscious individual with high-end design and Italian quality. We believe the unique metallic colour ranges and elegant bottle design will help to enhance the popularity of the Prosecco drink. This we feel will help to create a market amongst trade and consumers who may consider the ranges for gifts or for personal indulgences at home.”


For more information, media or sampling requests or guest tickets for Taste of London Winter please contact ITSPR

Andrea T Mendoza will be performing on the Liquid Gold stand from 7-10pm on the Thursday and Friday of Taste of London Winter

Stott and Scott present the Floppy’wester: The Game Changing Hat

Stott&Scott.07111460820 Stott&Scott.07111460839 Stott&Scott1114Stott&Scott.07111460708

Stott&Scott111460897 Stott&Scott111460901

The British weather. Changeable – and let’s face it, mostly miserable. It’s a brave move to leave the house between September and May without an umbrella in your handbag.

But umbrellas are prone to jamming, dripping – and we’ve all been that person whose brolly blows inside out in a gale. And when we’re laden down with shopping, need one hand free to make a phone call, hold a child or dog-lead; balancing an umbrella becomes a juggling trick too!

Best friends Jacqueline and Caroline, directors of Manchester based company Stott & Scott, have taken matters into their own hands as they introduce their creation – the reversible Floppy’wester hat.

The hat was inspired partly by the seafaring sou’wester and partly by the wide brimmed, floppy chic of the Sixties. Cleverly, it is waterproof when worn one way ‘round – then flip it inside out for a completely different, Summery Boho look.

‘Our hats are practical but very versatile and they look as equally striking commuting to work as they do at a garden party or festival…’ explain Jacqueline and Caroline (who were both married to their respective husbands en route to Glastonbury). ‘The waterproof layer has been tried and tested; it’s a godsend for preventing frizzy hair and the wide brim keeps the rain off your face and neck, it’s quick to dry off and best of all, wearing the hat leaves both hands free so that you can go about your busy day…’

Edith Bowman added her support for the Floppy’wester too as she recently tweeted: ‘they’re lush’.

The ‘Manchester’ style Floppy’wester is made from waxed cotton and pretty lace and it comes in six different colourways; including a nautical red and blue, more playful pink and navy, two tone grey and two tone brown, and black with green and black with plum – each one is a statement piece but there is a colour combination to suit every taste and occasion.

Four of the six variations can be machine washed – and all of them can simply be rolled up to fit even the more modest of handbags.

‘Manchester has a heritage of hat-making, which we were keen to respect and revive,’ Jacqueline and Caroline state ‘, our hats are manufactured locally plus all our materials are British…’

Umbrellas: your days are numbered.

Retailing at between £34.99 and £49.99, the hats are available in a number of boutiques as well as via the Stott & Scott website.



For more information on pricing, stockists and colourways visit

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Images: Rich Hendry

Styling: John Proctor


New EP from the legendary Break – out Nov 10th on Playaz


1: Break – Strictly Entertainment
2: Break – Dulcid Tones

Release date – 10th November 2014

Hype and Pascal present the new single from the legendary Break – the Bristol based DJ/Producer who is without a doubt a key player in intelligent DnB. This single is a fine example of Break’s love of all things jazz and dub – as well as live orchestration (apparently he can play nine instruments!)

‘Strictly Entertainment’ is a blissed-out track with driving beats and the kind of slick production that means you feel like you’ve known it forever. And its not just Hype from the Playaz camp to be tipping ‘Strictly Entertainment’ – Decimal Bass listed it as one of his top tunes last year too.

You might have heard ‘Dulcid Tones’ in Break’s guest set on Friction’s show back in June, it’s a super chilled dubby track that’s peppered with dirty squelches, sweet strings and cool MC vibes.

You’re under strict instructions to get this in your collection.
For more information, previews, interviews etc please contact